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Roxanne has previously worked as a nurse and as a permanent member of the Defence Force for many years.  She has a passion for fairness and justice, with a lengthy academic interest in the miscarriage of justice in any jurisdiction.  She has an active interest in helping prevent family violence and ensuring all people have access to justice.   She is also a passionate advocate for the rule of law and believes this is being seriously undermined in the global political climate of the past decade, whilst acknowledging that these are profoundly difficult times for all governments.
Roxanne has qualifications in nursing, computing, counselling, political science, public policy, criminal justice system (including modern policing), organised crime and corruption, laws and legal practice, business administration, mediation and collaborative law (the latter being an alternative to the Court processes which is highly recommended for family law matters).
She has worked as a lawyer in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and now Victoria.  In line with her beliefs of access to justice, Roxanne assists clients in need of Legal Aid.