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Gavin is a solicitor with very considerable experience in Personal Injury claims in all Courts and in all jurisdictions, having worked in this area with a number of other firms over many years.

Prior to joining Saines Lucas Solicitors in December 2010, Gavin not only worked as a solicitor, but also combined this work with work as a Mediator.

Since 1993, Gavin has conducted in excess of 1600 Mediations, mainly in the Personal Injury field but also in all other areas of the law. Gavin is also a graded Arbitrator.

Gavin likes his sport. Apart from the occasional game of golf and tennis he is now a spectator rather than an active participant. He likes AFL football and barracks for Hawthorn.

He was a member of the AFL Appeals Board from its inception in 1995 until 2006 when the whole Tribunal system was revamped.

Gavin is very much interested in Art, particularly in the art of the Impressionists and of the Heidelberg School.

In music he likes 50's and 60's pop and rock, country, bluegrass, and folk.

Professional Memberships:

Law Institute of Victoria
Law Institute List of Mediators
Supreme Court and County Court Lists of Mediators
Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators